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Argan Oil Cleanser for Oily Skin – 4 oz

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Using oils to cleanse the skin is a traditional Aryurvedic method that we find to be quite remarkable and has been our source of inspiration for this line of Argan Oil Cleansers.  While the process may be new and a little strange, the benefits reaped from consistent practice is well worth the extra time invested.

So let’s dispel any fears that may exist about using pure oil on overly oily or acne-prone skin.  Consider how in chemistry it is said that “like dissolves like”.  Our Oil Cleansers work in just this way by dissolving the oil and environmental debris trapped inside your pores and on the surface of your skin.   Not only is this highly effective in removing excessive oil, makeup and other impurities, it does not strip the oil from your skin as many products aimed at oily skin types often do.  When skin that is already producing a surplus of sebum (the oil that is excreted from the sebaceous glands in our skin) becomes stripped, it goes into overdrive attempting to replace the oils it was robbed of which can further antagonize the situation.   Because skin requires a sufficient amount of oil to function properly, a balancing approach to sebum production is what we are looking for with oily skin types rather than an effort to “dry out” overactive sebaceous glands.

Packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and anti-oxidizing power, this cleanser does so much more than cleanse.  With consistent use you will see a boost in overall skin tone and texture. Circulation is improved by the essential oils and massaging technique incorporated into this method, while the naturally occurring squalane in argan oil plumps the skin and brings about a distinct healthy glow.  And because oils are ph neutral, it will not cause unnecessary ph fluctuations that cause stress to the skin the way soaps and foaming agents do.   The anti-inflammatory action of castor oil, argan and sunflower oils combined with essential oils of lavender, clary sage and geranium make this not only an effective cleanser but a deeply soothing daily treatment for the skin.

Oil cleansing with pure botanical oils is a worthwhile investment in our long-term aging process providing superior support for the health and resilience of our skin.

**Indigenous Roots strives to use only the highest quality ingredients including organic, free-trade and wild-crafted sources whenever possible. All of our ingredients are chosen to help support and encourage healthy and non-toxic lifestyles while also remaining conscious of our healing planet.  All of our products are carefully hand-crafted in Dallas, Texas.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. All content provided is meant for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or as a substitute for the advice of a professional healthcare provider. If irritation is experienced, discontinue use.

ORGANIC ARGAN OIL:  high in vitamin E and fatty acids which nourish dry skin * anti-inflammatory * a cytophylactic: stimulates cell renewal and longevity *  The natural active components of Argan Oil are tocopherols, squalene, carotenes, sterols and phenolic antioxidants which protect and reverse the effects of environmental damage

ORGANIC SUNFLOWER SEED OIL: high in vitamin E * anti-inflammatory * antioxidant * antibacterial * natural emollient

ORGANIC CASTOR OIL: undecylenic acid gives this oil its antiseptic and germicidal qualities which keep the skin free from infections * ricinoleic acid in castor oil gives it anti-inflammatory properties * contains oleic and linoleic acids which are anti-inflammatories and aid in moisturizing and healing

ORGANIC CLARY SAGE ESSENTIAL OIL:  astringent that tones skin, muscle and hair follicles * reduces inflammation and heals rashes * balancing for both oily and dry skin- a superb sebum regulator * antibacterial * antifungal * antioxidant

WILD FRENCH LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: antiseptic for healing damaged tissue * improves formation of scar tissue * antifungal * natural anti-inflammatory aids in soothing irritated or burned skin * helps regulate the production of sebum * increases blood flow to tissue

ORGANIC GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL: astringent that tightens skin and muscle for delaying effects of aging * antiseptic accelerating the healing of wounds and damaged skin cells * evens out discoloration and uneven skin tone * cytophylactic-promoting new cell growth and repair of existing cells * antibacterial * antimicrobial



  1. Steam face for 20-30 seconds using a clean hot washcloth.
  2. Using enough cleanser to create a smooth glide, begin massaging your face and neck using small upward circular motions and also moving along the contours of the face and neck for about 1-2 minutes.  Massage gently and relax while breathing in the aroma-therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.


  1. The first method of removal is to steam washcloth once again and apply to face for another 30 seconds then gently remove. Rinse washcloth and remove any remaining excess oil.  **Remember to use a clean washcloth every day to keep your skin bacteria and contaminant free**
  2. OR you many choose to use our 341 Root Dry Scrub:  After finishing facial massage with oil cleanser, pour a half teaspoon of powder into your palm or fingertips.  Then using your other hand, dab the powder over your face and neck directly on top of the cleansing oil.  Massage the scrub gentle in the same motions as with the oil cleanser, then remove with a steamed washcloth.  Rinse washcloth and double check with your fingertips for any remaining scrub that needs removing.
  3. Complete your cleansing ritual with toning, facial tonics and/or moisturizing.

We recommend oil cleansing only once a day because over cleansing can be disruptive to the natural balance of our skin.  If you prefer washing your face twice daily, simply use a fresh hot washcloth to steam and cleanse with at the opposite time that you choose to oil cleanse.   As with any cleansing routine, follow with toning, tonics and moisturizers.

Click here to get detailed Step By Step instructions from the How To Use article Argan Oil Cleansing Method.

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3 reviews for Argan Oil Cleanser for Oily Skin – 4 oz

  1. Alejandra Bakos

    This ancient way of cleansing the skin has come back to life with this amazing product. With this oil cleanser you obtain equilibrium of oil and water production in the skin! I am an absolute fan of all of indigenous roots products!!! A must have for sure!

  2. Victoria Bobadilla

    I was given this product for my boyfriends acne prone skin and it works like a miracle. His black heads were completely gone in one week after using this product and following the instructions. His acne slowly started to diminish and scabs or any other wounds healed incredibly fast. I would definitely recommend this over any other acne solution product.

  3. lenamay0812

    I used a friend of mines’ Argan oil face cleanser for oily skin for a couple of days and wow! My skin feels amazing! This product has breathed life back into my skin and I can’t wait to receive my trial size face regimen and then order some of the other products that indigenous roots has to offer! I’m sure they are all amazing. I fully support their movement!

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