Beard Bliss Beard Oil


Warm herbal notes of frankincense, sandalwood and lavender grace this organic beard oil to condition and give shine to your whiskers. Argan and apricot kernel oil are the base of this recipe and help skin to stay moisturized and balanced.  Suitable for most skin types.

**Indigenous Roots strives to use only the highest quality ingredients including organic, free-trade and wild-crafted sources whenever possible. All of our ingredients are chosen to help support and encourage healthy and non-toxic lifestyles while also remaining conscious of our healing planet.  All of our products are carefully hand-crafted in Dallas, Texas.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. All content provided is meant for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or as a substitute for the advice of a professional healthcare provider. If irritation is experienced, discontinue use.

ORGANIC ARGAN OIL:  high in vitamin E and fatty acids which nourish dry skin and hair * anti-inflammatory * a cytophylactic: stimulates cell renewal and longevity *  The natural active components of Argan Oil are tocopherols, squalene, carotenes, sterols and phenolic antioxidants which protect and reverse the effects of environmental damage

ORGANIC APRICOT KERNEL OIL: rich in gamma linoleic acid helps skin to maintain moisture while toning skin, works as a light lubricant, gentle, hydrating and suitable for all skin types

ORGANIC SANDALWOOD:  astringent that tones the skin * heals scars * natural cleansing/antiseptic properties * soothing and cooling to irritated skin * improves blood circulation

WILD-GROWN CO2 EXTRACTED FRANKINCENSE:  cytophylactic: regenerates cells * astringent & tonifying * reduces appearance of wrinkles *  cicatrisant: help to heal scars and stretch marks * vulnerary: speeds healing of wounds

ORGANIC CLARY SAGE ESSENTIAL OIL:  astringent that tones skin, muscle and hair follicles * anti-inflammatory and calms rashes * balancing for both oily and dry skin- a superb sebum regulator * antibacterial * anti-fungal * antioxidant

WILD-CRAFTED LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: antiseptic for healing damaged tissue * improves formation of scar tissue * anti-fungal * natural anti-inflammatory aids in soothing irritated or burned skin * helps regulate the production of sebum * increases blood flow to tissue

ORGANIC LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL: astringent * antiseptic * disinfectant * anti-fungal

Apply 2-3 drops Beard Bliss to hands then rub together to evenly distribute across palms, then apply to beard making sure to work the oil in evenly.  More drops of oil may be added to thicker and fuller beards if desired after the first application.  It’s best to start with a very small amount and work your way up to the number of drops that are appropriate for your beard fullness.

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