Vedic 341 Calamus Root Cleansing Dry Scrub


This gentle cleansing scrub is a companion product to any oil cleansing regimen.  Of course, we like to pair it with our Argan Oil Cleansers, but it can be used seamlessly with any natural non-toxic cleansing oil of your liking.  We’ve combined the alkalizing and drawing benefits of French green clay with organic oat flour and organic calamus root powder.  Calamus root is an Ayurvedic herb that has been traditionally used to remove oil from the face in oil cleansing practices.  It adds a warming benefit that is thought to move stagnant lymph, while also adding a beautiful aroma to your cleansing ritual.  The calamus root and oat flour combined provide a micro-fine exfoliant that is gentle enough for most skin types.

This addition to your skin care regimen will promote healthy exercise and blood flow to the facial tissues and will provide a superior experience with any regular oil cleansing routine.

**Indigenous Roots strives to use only the highest quality ingredients including organic, free-trade and wild-crafted sources whenever possible. All of our ingredients are chosen to help support and encourage healthy and non-toxic lifestyles while also remaining conscious of our healing planet.  All of our products are carefully hand-crafted in Dallas, Texas.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. All content provided is meant for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or as a substitute for the advice of a professional healthcare provider. If irritation is experienced, discontinue use.

FRENCH GREEN CLAY:  detoxifies * restores mineral balance * anti-bacterial * analgesic *removes dead skin cells

ORGANIC CALAMUS ROOT POWDER:  increases blood circulation * anti-inflammatory

ORGANIC OAT FLOUR: natural emollient * gentle exfoliant * soothes irritated skin

This dry scrub isn’t entirely dry, it relies on the oil previously applied in the oil cleansing process to be utilized properly.  This is an optional (though highly recommended) second step in any oil cleansing routine that helps to gently and effectively remove oil from the skin.  It can be used multiple times throughout the week but should not exceed more than once per day.  Those with extra sensitive skin may want to use this only once or twice per week.


  1. After steaming the face and massaging with oil cleanser, pour about a half teaspoon of 341 Calamus Root Dry Scrub onto your fingertips or palm.
  2. With the other hand, use your fingertips to press the powder onto the face and neck and then proceed to gently massage with upward and circular strokes for about 20-30 seconds.  (Extra technique to keep your sink cleaner:  hold the powder under your chin with your hand cupped as you apply it so as to catch the falling bits.)
  3. Remove with a warm washcloth using long strokes and rotating the sections of the washcloth to remove all residual oil and powder.
  4. Rinse out your washcloth  and double check your skin for any remaining bits of powder.
  5. Finish with toning, tonics and/or moisturizers.

For more instructions Click Here for the Argan Oil Cleansing Method.


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