Sundrops Facial Moisturizing Oil – 1 oz

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Sundrops Facial Oil moisturizing serum is our superstar facial oil blend that works to address a remarkable number of skin conditions.  Quickly penetrating deep into the dermal layers, Sundrops Facial Oil delivers a plethora of essential  fatty acids and free-radical blasting ingredients to keep your skin looking radiant and protected from the elements.  This gorgeous base blend of organic red raspberry seed oil and olive-derived squalane is combined with wild-grown essential oils of frankincense and lavender.

Squalane, a component of our natural sebum, decreases gradually and continuously after the age of twenty.  It is that component of our sebum that boosts cell regeneration and oxygenation which in turn helps the skin to function optimally and makes it appear much more bright and smooth.  Inflammation caused by acne conditions is also referred to as “oxidative stress” in medical terms.  Using squalane has shown to be incredibly effective in treating conditions such as acne-prone skin and roseacea, perhaps due to it’s antibacterial properties, but also due to the oxygenation that it assists in.  Because antioxidants play such a vital role in the reduction of inflammation, the incredibly high content that is present in red raspberry seed oil make it a compelling combination with squalane to fight oxidative stress and an array of inflammatory skin conditions.  Both red raspberry seed oil and squalane help to restore and provide UV protection from the effects of the sun and other environmental factors while also moisturizing deeply into the dermal layers.

We use wild-grown frankincense procured through CO2 extraction which results in a more chemically complex essential oil with a greater therapeutic quality.  Frankincense is revered for it’s contribution to the healing of wounds and scars which is achieved through the encouragement of cell regeneration.  This also lends to the reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all while imparting its divine aroma.   Wild-grown French Lavender adds additional regenerative and protective properties which are soothing and healing to virtually every skin type.

This is a perfect everyday skin boost that helps to protect, heal and nourish your skin while smoothing and brightening.  Whether you have overly oily or acne prone skin, sensitive and dry skin, or aging and sun-damaged skin, Sundrops can bring back clarity, fullness and luster!  It’s a smart addition to your skin care routine and an effective way to prevent premature aging and maintain the health and function of your skin.  We believe SO much in the brilliance of this product that we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love!

Please be sure to check the ingredients drop down menu to see the many properties that each ingredient was selected for.

**Indigenous Roots strives to use only the highest quality ingredients including organic, free-trade and wild-crafted sources whenever possible. All of our ingredients are chosen to help support and encourage healthy and non-toxic lifestyles while also remaining conscious of our healing planet.  All of our products are carefully hand-crafted in Dallas, Texas.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. All content provided is meant for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or as a substitute for the advice of a professional healthcare provider. If irritation is experienced, discontinue use.

ORGANIC RED RASPBERRY SEED OIL:  antioxidant rich in vitamin A (retinol) and multiple sources of vitamin E making it a light but rich moisturizer* highly supportive of acne prone skin * beneficial for reactive skin types * strongest anti-inflammatory of all carrier oils * 83% fatty acids * noteworthy polyphenol count * broad spectrum protection of sun blocking UVA & UVB – increases efficacy of sunscreen * offers significant relief to rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, rashes and even sunburn

OLIVE DERIVED SQUALANE:  rapidly penetrates the skin at a rate of 3 mm per second * helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles * antioxidant * antibacterial * helps prevents sun spots through UV protection * deeply moisturizing for overly dry or sensitive skin * boosts cellular regeneration and oxygenation

WILD-GROWN CO2 EXTRACTED FRANKINCENSE:  cytophylactic: regenerates cells * astringent & tonifying * reduces appearance of wrinkles *  cicatrisant: help to heal scars and stretch marks * vulnerary: speeds healing of wounds * increases circulation * increases moisture retntion

WILD-GROWN LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: antiseptic for healing damaged tissue * cytophylactic: improves formation of scar tissue * antifungal * natural anti-inflammatory aids in soothing irritated or burned skin * helps regulate the production of sebum * increases blood flow to tissues

Apply just a few drops to face and neck to toner dampened skin following cleansing or shaving.  Use very light stokes or tapping with the your fingertips to evenly disperse.  Depending on your skin type, Sundrops may be used with additional moisturizers for drier skin or can stand alone for those with an oilier chemistry.

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