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Indigenous Roots’ line of clay masks are created with various clays and organic herbs that are packaged in a resealable pouch which contain 15-20 individual facial masks or 5-7 extra large body masks.  You mix each mask fresh yourself using one or more of the suggested ingredients for perfect blending customization.

For a deeply detoxifying & oil-drawing treatment that remineralizes and balances the skin, our Green Tea Rose Mask is the heftiest in our lineup of DIY masks.  French green clay has a wonderful absorbing capacity that pulls excessive oils, dead skin cells, bacteria and debris from the pores while imparting moisture and softness to the skin.  Pores are noticeably tightened and and the skin is toned and firmed while increased circulation brings oxygenation and an overall brightness to the complexion.  Green tea supports collagen health and imparts antioxidants to destroy free radicals.  And the beloved rose brings antibacterial, emollient and anti-inflammatory properties to further quell various skin conditions.

This mask blend is recommended for normal to oily skin types and may prove to be a little too intense for those with dry or very sensitive skin.  If you are working with a mature skin type, be sure to use at least one ingredient that provides extra moisturizing to the skin.

**Indigenous Roots strives to use only the highest quality ingredients including organic, free-trade and wild-crafted sources whenever possible. All of our ingredients are chosen to help support and encourage healthy and non-toxic lifestyles while also remaining conscious of our healing planet.  All of our products are carefully hand-crafted in Dallas, Texas.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. All content provided is meant for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or as a substitute for the advice of a professional healthcare provider. If irritation is experienced, discontinue use.

FRENCH GREEN CLAY:  detoxifies * restores mineral balance * anti-bacterial * analgesic *removes dead skin cells * superior pore tightening and oil removing ability

ORGANIC GREEN TEA POWDER: rich in polyphenols-antioxidants * suppresses carcinogenic action of ultra-violet radiation * aids in reducing the intensity of acne break outs * contains methylxanthines which increases microcirculation thereby improving overall skin tone and health * has an inhibitory action against collagenase, a collagen reducing enzyme which contributes to better collagen quantity and health in skin

ORGANIC ROSE FLOWERS: antibacterial * anti-inflammatory * astringent helping to tighten pores and restore suppleness * naturally fragrant

To blend your own mask you may choose to mix the powder in a small bowl with a cosmetic brush or you can simply use your cupped palm and fingers to mix with.  Municipal water is not recommended as a blending ingredient.  Most importantly, DO NOT USE METAL SPOONS OR BOWLS to mix your mask as it interacts with the clay and diminishes its detoxifying capacity.

  1. Pour 1/2 to one teaspoon of mask powder into bowl or hand
  2. Add small amount of mixing ingredients at a time to gradually build to desired thickness.  Thicker masks will dry more slowly than thin, and thin masks are more suitable to sensitive skin types.  (See below for ingredient suggestions)
  3. Once desired consistency has been reached, apply mask to cleansed face with brush or fingers and allow to ALMOST completely dry.
  4. With French green clay in particular, it is best to remove before it is completely dry because it can over dry the skin and become too harsh in the removal process, especially with water-based mixes.
  5. To remove, use a clean warm washcloth that you don’t mind staining and steam the face for a few moments to loosen the clay.  Use gentle strokes to remove and re-steam any areas where the mask may be stubbornly clinging to.  Being too rough in removing a mask can cause trauma to the skin, so be sure to use care and take your time.
  6. Complete your facial with a spritz of toner and any desired facial tonics, serums and/or moisturizers.

SUGGESTED BLENDING INGREDIENTS:  multiple mixing ingredients can be used in your customization

For All Skin Types:

  • toner (alcohol free) – provides ph appropriate blending that adds additional healing properties
  • herbal teas – healing botanical benefits; example: Chamomile for inflammation or Green Tea for brightening
  • flower waters – often contain vitamin C * gentle and fragrant * beneficial to aging and sensitive skin
  • plain yogurt – contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid which dissolves dead skin cells * gentle exfoliant * antibacterial * reduces skin discoloration * diminishes appearance of wrinkles * beneficial for improving acne-prone skin * highly moisturizing

For Oily Skin Types:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar – anti-inflammatory * helps control sebum production * detoxifying
  • Lemon Juice – diluted at a ration of 1:4 * controls sebum production * vitamin C content brightens skin and supports collagen production * lightens spots from sun exposure (best combined with honey)

For Extra Moisture:

  • honey – deeply moisturizing * antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it great for all skin and can also be particularly helpful with acne-prone skin
  • milk – moisturizing * beneficial enzymes, proteins, minerals and vitamins for skin * calming for sensitive skin * helps diminish hyper-pigmentation (Should be avoided with acne-prone skin types)

Click here to get detailed Step By Step instructions from the How To Use article Clay Mask Blending.

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